A Few Kilos of Dates for a Funeral

Original title: Chand kilo khorma baraye marassem-e tadfin
Type: Fiction

* Mohsen Tanabandeh * Nader Fallah * Mohsen Namjou
* Mahmoud Nazaralian * Hassan Rashid-Ghamat  * Reza Tarhani

Written and Directed
by: Saman Salour
Director of Photography: Touraj Aslani
Editing: Saman Salour & Ali-Reza Farsijani
Set & Costume Designer: Saman Salour & Fereshteh Joghataee
Music: Aria Aziminejad
Sound Recorder: Mohammad Shahverdi
Sound Mixer: Mohammad-Reza Youssefi
Make-Up: Fereshteh Joghataee  
Producers: Mahmoud Fallah & Saman Salour
Company: Zoha Films
Year: 2006
Running Time: 85 min
Film Gauge: 35mm, B & W
Original Version: Persian

Sadry and Yadi work at a petrol station removed from the main traffic routes since the building of a ring road. It is winter and heavy snow lies on the ground.
Sadry, a former performing strongman who accidentally lost an eye, is behaving strangely. He takes off from time to time and seems obsessed with the weather.
Yadi is in love with a girl from a nearby town and sends her passionate letters via the local postman.
Sadry and Yadi occasionally receive a visit from Orooj, the neighbourhood undertaker, their only contact with the exterior.

Director’s statement:
The idea of this film, originally under a different title, came to me during my studies.
At the time I often travelled from Tehran to my home town, Boroujerd, in the south-west of Iran.
I often thought of the petrol station that was once situated along the highway and whose prosperity had disappeared with the building of a ring road. I also thought of  likable outsiders such as Sadry and Yadi, left on the margins of society and forgotten by the rest of the world. The fate of such people has always fascinated me.
I often dreamt as the film began to take shape and as my dreams were often colourless and grey, I decided to shoot in black and white.
The close cooperation of my friend Touraj Aslani as director of photography was of utmost importance to me.
The actors Mohsen Tanabandeh, Nader Fallah, Mahmoud Nazaralian and Hassan Rashid Ghamat are no strangers to cameras, the latter also doubling as film editor and short-film director.
Mohsen Namjou who plays the role of the postman is a composer in real life.
As snow was an essential element of the story, I must admit that Mother Nature also had her role to play.
“A Few Kilos of Dates for a Funeral” is a story of ordinary people with all their qualities and defects……but it is above all a story of love.

Festival debut:
* Locarno International Film Festival-Switzerland, 2006 “Filmmakers of the present »

* Special Jury Prize Award, Locarno IFF, 2006
* The Golden Mongolfier for Best film, Festival 3 Continents de Nantes, France, 2006
* The Cinema Public Award, Festival 3 Continents de Nantes, France, 2006
* Best Film Award, Festival International du Film d’Aubagne, France, 2007
* Best screenplay Award, Festival International du Film d’Aubagne, France, 2007
* Best Film Award, Third Eye 6th Asian Film Festival, Mumbai, India, 2007
* Young Jury’s Award, Black Movie IFF, Geneva, Switzerland