Cloudy Goats

Original title: Bozghalehaye Abri
French title: Songe d’un petit agneau
Type: 2D & 3D animation

A short taken from the film series « Lili POM et le Voleur d’Arbres » released in France on April 8, 2015 by «Les Films du Whippet »

Written & Directed by: Hamid Karimian
Graphics: Fatemeh Afshari, Sorour Derakhshan , Meghdad Akhavan
Story board: Meghdad Akhavan
Layout: Saba Dargahi , Hamid Karimian
Animatiors  Elnaz Zadbagher, Somayeh Nili,  Jila Ghanaei, Mahboobeh Amidi, Reihaneh Bassiri, Amirhosein Salehi
Compositing: Hamid Karimian
Original Music: Milad Movahedi
Sound: Armin Bahari
Editing: Hamid Karimian
Artistic Director: Hamid Karimian

Production Company: Institute for Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults-Kanoon-Iran

Shooting Format: Cinemascope (2.35: 1)
Screening Format: Full HD
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Software: Maya _ Photoshop _Art Rage_ Nuke_ Dynamic Auto Paint
Original Version: No dialogue
Sound: Stereo
Technic: 2D & 3D
Running Time: 5 min
Year of Production: 2014

One foggy, rainy day, a young  lamb is lost on the mountainside.  Alone and scared he hears the sweet notes of a shepherd’s flute and a herd of goats come to rescue him. The little lamb happily joins them not knowing that they are all figments of his imagination.
Accompanied  by the shepherd’s flute the lamb plays with the imaginary creatures. The sound of thunder suddenly snaps him back into reality. Content  with this magical journey he happily follows his sheepdog back to the village while droplets of rain slowly start to fall.