Everything For Love

Original title: Hameh chiz baraye Eshgh
International title: Everything For Love
Type: Fiction

* Amir Aghaei…………………Toomaj
* Tannaz Tabatabaei………..Marjan
* Saber Abar…………………..Ebrahim
* Milad Keymaram…………..Yousef

Director : Amir Hossein Saghafi
Screenplay : Amir Hossein Saghafi
Director of Photography : Amin Jafari
Editing : Mastaneh Mohajer
Original Music : Karen Homayounfar
Sound Designer : Arash Ghasemi
Sound Recordist : Hadi Afshar
Set & Costume designer : Sharareh Soroush
Make-Up Artist : Mohsen Darsanj

Line Producer : Ali Akbar Saghafi
Producer : Ali Akbar Saghafi
Production Company : Abgoun Film

Shooting format : Digital 4K
Camera : Alexa SXA
Lenses : Zeiss Master Prime

Screening format : DCP
Sound : Surround 5.1
Ratio : 16:9
Original version : Persian
Subtitled in : English
Running time : 95 min
Year : 2019

Fiction – Colour – 95 min – 2019 – Iran.

Log Line:
One day, somewhere, all will be but a simple memory. Toomaj is someone who sees illusions amongst the ruins of his solitude. Yusef is a man in love lost in the desolation between faith and doubt. Marjan is a victim of her dreams, adrift in a freezing fog.
One day, somewhere, all will be but a simple memory.

Toomaj, recently escaped from prison, is seeking the man who raped his wife, Marjan.
Toomaj’s surprise is great when he believes he’s found the rapist, but is even greater when he confronts Marjan, still habouring romantic illusions about her former love, Yusef.
Who in fact was the rapist and will Marjan shed some light on the mystery?


Festival debut:
World Premiere