Original title: Pedarbozorg
Type: Animation

Written and Directed by: Shiva Sadeghassadi
Story board: Shiva Sadeghassadi
Character design and Animator: Shiva Sadeghassadi
Compositing: Shiva Sadeghassadi
Editing: Mohammad Nasseri
Original Music: Pejman Khalili
Sound: Changiz Sayyad
Production Manager: Hassan Agha-Karimi

Production Company: Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults- Kanoon, Iran

Animation, Black & White, 10 min, No dialogue, 2015, Iran

Frame rate: HD, 1920x 1080, 25FPS, Pixel rate: 1/1.67 (PAL)
Technique: Rotoscopy , 2D computer, Paper, Diverse Techniques
Sound: 48000-24bit, Stereo

In English
A part documentary part animated film about death seen from a child’s perspective, combining photorealism and animated imagery. The film illustrates the emotional states of a little girl whose grandfather has just passed away. Floating in a melancholic and feverish world of dreams, nightmares and memories, she tries to come to terms with her new situation. While her mind is being engulfed with symbols of life and death, her mother finds an unusual way to help her daughter understand that death does not mean that everything has come to an end; they can still have their dreams and keep them alive if they so desire.

In French
Un film mi-documentaire mi-animation, combinant photoréalisme et animation,
à propos de la mort considérée selon une perspective enfantine.
Cette œuvre illustre les états émotionnels d’une petite fille dont le grand père vient juste de rendre l’âme.
Surnageant dans un monde de rêves mélancoliques et enfiévrés, de cauchemars et de souvenirs, elle tente de trouver des accommodements à sa nouvelle situation.
Tandis que son esprit est saturé de symboles de vie et de mort, sa mère trouve un moyen inhabituel pour l’aider à comprendre que la mort ne signifie pas la fin de toutes choses.
La mère et sa fille peuvent continuer à vivre leurs rêves et les garder vivants si elles le décident ainsi.