Original title: IRAN K9
International title: IRAN K9
Type: Fiction

* Marjan Sadeghi………….Mitra
* Seyed Ali Hosseini…….Kiumars
* Mehdi Mirzaeian………..Nasser
* Fatemeh Mortazi………..Mother

Director : Vahid Vakilifar
Screenplay : Vahid Vakilifar
Director of Photography : Mohammad-Reza Jahanpanah
Editing : Vahid Vakilifar
Original Music : Hamed Sabet
Sound Designers : Hossein Mahdavi & Hassan Mahdavi
Sound Recordists : Ali Kianersi & Hassan Mahdavi
Set & Costume Designer : Saeid Assadi
Make-Up : Jalal Moussavi

Line Producer : Maryam Najafi
Producers : Maryam Najafi; Vahid Vakilifar; Fariba Rostami

Shooting format : HD-2k
Camera : Canon C100 Mark 2
Lenses : ZEISS ZE Prime Lense

Screening format : DCP
Sound : 5.1
Ratio : 2.35:1
Original version : Persian
Subtitled in : English
Running Time : 120 min
Year : 2018

Fiction – 120 min – Colour – 2018 – Iran/Canada

Log line:
In a world cursed by an Endless eclipse, unhinged and on the verge of madness, everyone yearns for the light.

The earth is drenched in darkness because of an indefinite solar eclipse. On the verge of madness, some people believe that the perpetual darkness is the direct manifestation of God’s wrath. A group of extremists go out of their way to clear the land of all supposed culprits, namely dogs and immigrants.
Iran K9, an outlandish breeding kennel, is the only safe haven for the accused. Run by a dwarf named Kiumars, an Agoraphobic who never steps out of his quarters, Iran K9 is heavily controlled via CCTV cameras. The only link to the outside world is Mitra, a young woman who lives there with her ailing mother. Mitra is pregnant from Kiumars, who desperately wants a male heir, but the fetus is female. What’s more, Mitra’s impotent husband, Nasser, has been banished from the compound for cutting off Kiumars’s ear and opposing the established order. Not giving up on his dream of having a son, Kiumars forces Mitra to choose a “husband” from amongst the workers. Meanwhile, the fanatics do everything in their power to penetrate Iran K9.
The future remains uncertain.

Short Synopsis:
In a hyper-realistic land cursed by a seemingly never-ending eclipse, the only safe haven for dogs and illegal immigrants is a breeding kennel called Iran K9. From the dwarf who runs Iran K9, through Mitra, the only child-bearing female in the compound, to the fanatics outside seeking blood in the hope of removing the curse by slaughtering its supposed harbingers; everyone struggles to find their way in the darkness.

Director’s Statement:
Though tens of thousands of years have passed since the first human sacrifice, brutality remains a fundamental human trait, untouched by time.
How many more lives have to be lost and how much more blood has to be shed before mankind achieves that elusive sense of security and tranquility? Nothing has changed. From the time of ritualistic human sacrifices to contemporary wars, innocent lives have been taken so that incapable leaders can maintain the illusion of control, thinking that this is the only way for them to remain in power and tighten their leash on the weak.
What is happening around the world today is only a testament to a bitter truth: We all remain savages at heart, not willing to acknowledge the terrifying demons inside us. My country is no different from the rest of the world. It has been ruled by short-sighted, impotent leaders for generations. All of this has led me to create Iran K9. The dark, death-crazed universe of Iran K9, is a visual interpretation of our world. A world that I believe, even when drenched in darkness, has no choice but to ultimately surrender to light.

Festival debut:
World Premiere