Original title: MAKI
International title: MAKI
Type: Fiction / Second Feature

* Mieko Harada…(Mika/Mama-San)
* Julian Cihi…(Tommy)
* Naomi Sundberg…(Eva/Maki)
* Yurika Ohno…(Yumiko)
* Bianca Vivancos…(Violet)

Director: Naghmeh Shirkhan
Screenplay: Naghmeh Shirkhan
Japanese Translation: Yuichi Tazawa
Directors of Photography: Ben Wolf (US), Katsunori Yanagijima (Tokyo)
Editors: Naghmeh Shirkhan & Shogo Yokoyama
Music: Patricia and Noel Brennan
Sound Mixer: Matt Gundy
Sound Recorder: Andrew Salomone
Set Designer: Anna Kathleen
Costumes: Hannah Kittel
Hair/Make-up: Amanda Forsyth/EITA
Production Manager: JB Bruno
Line Producer: Nicky Akmal

Producer: Shohreh Golparian
Associate Producer: Curtis Smith
Production Company: Small Talk Inc.

Shooting format: 4K Digital
Camera: Sony A7S
Lenses: 50, 85, 28-135, 70-200, 500

Screening format: Digital DCP
Sound: 5.5.1
Ratio: 1.1:85
Original language: Japanese/English
Subtitled in: English
Running time: 90 min
Year: 2018

Fiction – Second Feature – Colour –  Japan/USA

Set in the heart of New York City, Maki is a modern love story depicting a young Japanese woman’s coming of age. The main character Maki (aka Eva) and her lover Tommy can no longer conceal their affair once she learns she is pregnant with his child. Their charismatic and persuasive boss, Mika, steps in to help. The story unsettles as it quietly plays out, revealing each character’s true intentions.


Director’s Statement:
I wanted to make a modern love story and explore themes of love and loss, power and manipulation though a foreign lens. I found inspiration in the Japanese Diaspora living in New York City.  The story took shape around the three main characters, filling my thoughts as I spent more time in the places they inhabited. The characters in Maki leave Japan seeking change and a new start, but the deeper human need for a sense of belonging throws them back together in the Japanese subculture of New York City.  The possibilities for dramatic tension captured my imagination and allowed me to experiment with form and style. Maki is a labor of love, made in the spirit of independent films by directors I deeply admire: Jean-Luc Goddard, John Cassavetes, and Agnes Varda, to name a few.

*-16th Dhaka International Film Festival (DIFF), Bangladesh. January 12-20, 2018. ‘Women Filmmakers Competition’ section
*-6th Chelsea International Film Festival, New York, USA. October 18-21, 2018. ‘Competition’ section

*Winner of: *Best Director* Award at the 6th Chelsea International Film Festival, New York, USA, 2018.