Mehdi Shadizadeh

Mehdi Shadizadeh was born in Tehran on May 13, 1984. He graduated with a Master’s Degree from Tehran University of Arts and Architecture in 2011. His cinematic career began with the making of several short films before moving on to feature production. In addition, he is also a well-known photographer, whose passion for photographic art has seen his work exhibited both at home and abroad and led to his involvement in numerous photographic workshops in both Iran and Turkey.


Feature Film:
2019 : Walking with the Wind / Hamrah ba Baad ¦Documentary, 82min, 4K, Colour, Iran.

Short Films
2018 : Room / Otagh ¦ Fiction, 17min, HD, Colour, Iran.
2018 : Fifth Step / Peleh Panjom ¦Fiction, 20min, HD, Colour, Iran.
2017 : First Impression / Bardasht-e Aval ¦ Documentary, 32min, 4K, Colour, Iran.

As Producer:
2015: Déjà-vu! ¦Directed by Raya Nassiri, Fiction, 75min, HD, Iran.