The Farmer and the Cow

Original title: Keshavarz va Gav
English title: The Farmer and the Cow
French title: La Vache et le Fermier
Type: Animation, paint (oil) on glass

A short taken from the film series « Contes Persans » released in France on November 24, 2004 by ‘Gébéka Films’ and released in DVD in France by « Les Films du Paradoxe »

Written & Directed by:
Fatemeh Goudarzi
Director of Photography: Mohammad-Rahim Bakhtiari
Layout: Fatemeh Goudarzi
Animators: Fatemeh Goudarzi & Akram Motifar
Editing: Saïd Pour-Esmaeeli
Original Music: Reza Mahaee
Soud & Mix: Changuiz Sayyad
Year: 2003
Running Time: 6 min
Film Gauge: 35mm, Colour
Original version: No dialogue

Production Company: Institute for Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults, Kanoon, Iran

A dream-like narration about the first meeting of a Farmer and a Cow.