The Necklace

Original title: Gardanband
Type: Fiction

Cast: Zabih Afshar

Written and Directed
by: Sussan Shams
Director of Photography: Bayram Fazli
Editing: Sussan Shams & Hooshang Fazli
Sound: Mohammad-Reza Youssefi
Producer: Sussan Shams
Year: 2004
Running time: 12 min
Shooting Format: DVCAM, B & W
Screening Format: Beta SP PAL  & 35mm.
Original version: Persian
Subtited in English or French

A man leaves his village to look for a job in Tehran. But he’s not alone in his search in the metropolis and jobs are scarce. After a while he goes and gets his wife…..

Director’s Statement:
This film was shot in a country where a woman has to cover herself whenever she ventures out of home. Whereas at home a woman can be bareheaded, filming a woman at home carries for her the same constraints as out of home as the eye of the camera is the eye of a peeping tom.
As much of the film takes place inside the home and not wishing to have to show a woman unnaturally veiled, a decision was made to use the woman as the camera’s eye. The camera’s regard thus becomes the subjective regard of the woman as she surveys her immediate envirionment.

Festival debut:
International Short Film Festival of Clermont Ferrand- France, 2004.