Panahbarkhoda Rezaee


Panahbarkhoda Rezaee was born in Shazand, Iran in 1977. He graduated in Art and Cinema Direction from Sureh University, Tehran in 2000. His artistic career began with a poetically themed photo shoot of various ethnic groups living within Iran. His films have both received critical acclaim and won many international awards.

Feature Films

2013: A Cradle for Mother│Fiction│HD│colour│ 85min│Iran
2011: Daughter…Father…Daughter│Fiction│HD│colour│70 min│Iran
2007: A light in the Fog │35 mm │colour│75 min│Iran

Short Films
Short Documentary Films:
2009: Lion of Desert│DV CAM │colour│52 min│Iran
2008: Man of God │DV CAM│black and white│colour│42 min│Iran
2008: Season of Union│DV CAM│colour│26 min│Iran
2007: As Bright As Light│DV CAM│colour│22 min│Iran
2007: As Clear As Water│DV CAM│black and white│colour│20 min│Iran
2007: As Solid As Mountain│DV CAM│colour│22 min│Iran
2006: Here Has Wheat Fields│DV CAM│colour│14 min│Iran
2005: Me and Life│DV CAM│colour│black and white│17 min│Iran
2004: Nowruz│DV CAM│colour│26 min│Iran
2004: Old Day│DV CAM│colour│26 min│Iran
2003: Palm Trees Die Standing│DV CAM│colour│26 min│Iran
2002: Share of the Immigrant│DV CAM│colour│14 min│Iran
2001: Ballad of Life│DV CAM│colour│13 min│Iran

Short Fiction Films:
2007: The Old Man and the Rail│35 mm│black and white│10 min│Iran
2005: Bride of Neynava│35 mm│colour│11 min│Iran
2004: Divine Light│DV CAM│colour│14 min│Iran
2003: Victim│35 mm│colour│12 min│Iran
2003: The Reply of the Earth│DV CAM│black and white│colour│14 min│Iran
2001: In the Heart of Silence│DV CAM│colour│26 min│Iran

Short experimental Films:
2006: Displacement│DV CAM│black and white│3 min│Iran
2003: Viewpoint│35 mm│colour│4 min│Iran
2000: No Title│35 mm│colour│3 min│Iran