Original title: Mah-e Mehraban
French title: Jolie Lune
Type: Cut-out animation

A short taken from the film series « Chouette…Un Nouvel Ami! » released in France in September 2016 by « Les Films du Whippet »

Directed by: Nazanin Sobhan Sarbandi
Screenplay: Marjan Fouladvand
Graphic: Nazanin Sobhan Sarbandi
Animator: Shahrzad Akrami
Sound: Changuiz Sayyad
Original Music: Milad Derakhshani
Editing: Mohammad Nasseri

Production Company: Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults, Kanoon, Iran

Animation, Cut-Out, HD, Colour, Stereo, No dialogue, 7 min 26 sec., 2012, Iran

In English
In summer it is so hot that people sleep on the roofs. Turned towards the sky their eyes fall on the moon and the stars.
The moon knows almost all the children and is very close to them.
When the cold season arrives the children return to their rooms and the windows are closed. Moon is sad and alone, till a new friend is found.

In French
L’été arrivant, la lune se réjouit! Tous les enfants dorment sur les toits et deviennent ses amis. L’hiver, la lune est seule et triste jusqu’au jour où elle rencontre un nouvel ami.