A Sweet Story

Original title: Hekayat-e shirine
French title: Une histoire douce
Type: Cut-out animation

A short taken from the film series « La montagne aux bijoux… » released in France on January 25, 2006 by « Les Films du Whippet »

Written and Directed
by: Mohammad-Reza Abedi
Director of Photography:  Mohammad-Reza Abedi
Editing: Changuiz Sayyad
Sound Mixer: Changuiz Sayyad

Year: 1995
Running Time: 15 min
Film Gauge: 35mm, Colour
Original Version: No dialogue

Production Company: Institute for Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults, Kanoon, Iran

An elderly tree feller heals an injured stork and then sets him free. One day the grateful bird returns, leaving  three melon seeds which the old man sows. The tree feller will soon be harvesting his fruit.