Autumn Winds, Spring Winds and Two Doves

By Sadegh Javadi

Original title – Badhaye Paeezi, Badhaye Bahari va do Kabootar
International title – Autumn Winds, Spring Winds and Two Doves


A bride is awaiting her groom who is crossing the sea to meet her. They keep in touch by means of a dove. But a violent, autumn storm breaks communication and the guests sadly begin to depart. Yet the dove does not wait for spring to come and starts searching.


Written & Directed by – Sadegh Javadi
Conceptual Design – Sadegh Javadi
Animator – Sadegh Javadi
Original Music – Behnam Moayerian
Sound Designer – Sadegh Javadi
Background Designer – Fatemeh Hassani
Colour Grading – Mahdi Khalili

2D Animation – HD – Stereo

Executive Producer – Mohammadreza Karimi Saremi
Produced by – Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults – Kanoon