By Abolfazl Jalili

Original title – DAAD
International title – JUSTICE



In a Tehran youth detention centre, detainees have the right to short furloughs, as long as their family provides sufficient bail to guarantee their return.
The detention centre’s governor decides to help those without family to take advantage of this right.
He asks them to swear on the Koran that they will return to the centre once their period of leave expires.
Emkan, detained for two years, refuses this arrangement.
The following day, the governor asks him to merely give his word to return.
Once out, Emkan contacts his friend, Kaveh, who works for a small theatre in an industrial town.
Will Emkan keep his word?


Abolfazl Salimi (Emkan)
Kaveh Darabi (Kaveh)
Shahab Tabatabai (Roberto)
Masoud Amin-Naji (Police officer)


Written & Directed by – Abolfazl Jalili
Director of Photography – Abolfazl Jalili
Editing – Abolfazl Jalili
Sound Designer & Mix – Milad Jalili
Sound Recordist – Hossein Navabi
Set & Costume Designer – Abolfazl Jalili
Still Photographer – Maryam Ashrafi
Production Manager – Maryam Ashrafi

Producer – Abolfazl Jalili

Festival Debut
World Premiere

Justice poster film Dreamlab Films