By Ebrahim Saeedi

Original title – Mandoo
International title – Mandoo
First Feature 


“During the events of 1979 Iranian Kurdistan was in turmoil. Political infighting stemming from the Islamic revolution obliged Iranian Kurds to flee their homeland and seek refuge in neighbouring Iraq. Once arrived, the refugees were placed in camps, such as Altash, in which living conditions were deplorable”.
The film opens in Iraq 2004. Sheelan, a young female doctor of Kurdish origin having fled to Sweden with her parents, has taken advantage of the fall of Saddam Hussein to return to Iraq. She wants to find her uncle from whom she has had no news for over 20 years.
Shortly after her arrival Sheelan discovers that her uncle has suffered a stroke and lost the faculty of speech. Her cousin informs her that he wishes to take his father back to Iranian Kurdistan where he’ll be able to live his final days surrounded by memories of his homeland.
Having been unable to convince them to go to Sweden with her, Sheelan decides  to accompany them on their homeward trek.
The road to Iran will be long and full of twists and turns.


Rojan Mahamad
Shahab Fazili
Tima Amiri
Avesta Khalid
Mahmoud Gli


Directed by – Ebrahim Saeedi
Screenplay – Ebrahim Saeedi & Hossein Abkenar
Director of Photography – Bayram Fazli
Editing – Ebrahim Saeedi
Original Music – Ali Samadpour
Sound Designers – Hossein Ghourtchian & Ebrahim Saeedi
Sound Recordist – Hossein Ghourtchian
Special effect – Davoud Rassoulian

Executive Producer & Production Manager – Farzin Karim
Co-Producer – Ebrahim Saeedi
Producer – Shakhawan Edris
Produced by – Kurdistan regional government, Ministry of Culture & Youth – Iraq

Awards & Festivals

  • Winner of: ‘FIPRESCI Prize’ – International Film Festival Yerevan, Armenia, 2011.
  • Winner of: France 24 Award – ‘Jury Prize’Beirut International Film Festival, 2011.
  • Locarno International Film Festival, Switzerland. August 04-14, 2010. ‘Competitive’ section -‘Filmmakers of the present’.
  • Toronto International Film Festival, Canada. September 09-19, 2010. ‘Non-Competitive’ section.
  • 7th Reykjavik International Film Festival, Iceland. September 23-October 03, 2010. ‘Competitive’ section.
  • 15th Pusan International Film Festival, South Korea. October 07-15, 2010. ‘A Window on Asian Cinema’ section.
  • 40th Molodist International Film Festival, Kyiv, Ukraine. October 23-31, 2010. ‘Competitive’ section.
  • 11th Asiatica Film Mediale, Roma, Italia. November 12-20, 2010. ‘Non-Competitive’ section.
  • Plus Camerimage Film Festival, Poland. November 28- December 03, 2010. ‘Competitive’ section.
  • 50th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece. From  December 03-12 2010. ‘Competitive’ section.
  • 7th Dubai International Film Festival / Muhr AsiaAfrica. December 12-19, 2010. ‘Competitive’ section.
  • 4th Arab Film Festival Tübingen, Germany. January 20-26, 2011. ‘Non-Competitive Festival’.
  • 39th Belgrade International Film Festival, Serbia. February 25-March 06, 2011. ‘Non-Competitive’ section.
  • 28th Miami International Film Festival, USA. March 04-13, 2011. ‘Competitive’ section.
  • 5th Diyarbakır Film Days, Turkey. May 2011. ‘Non-Competitive Festival’.
  • 8th Yrevan International Film Festival ‘GOLDEN APRICOT’, Armenia. July 10-17, 2011. ‘Directors Across Borders Regional Film’ program.
  • 11th Beirut International Film Festival, Lebanon. From October 05-13, 2011. ‘Competitive’ section.
  • Middle East-What Cinema Can Do Film Festival, Paris, France. November 30-December 13, 2011.
  • 6th Kurde Film Festival, Berlin, Germany. November 11-18, 2011. ‘Non-Competitive Festival’.
  • 16th Sofia International Film Festival Bulgaria. From March 09-18, 2012. ‘Non Competitive’ section.