Mehrdad Oskouei

Mehrdad Oskouei is an Iranian filmmaker, producer, photographer and researcher born in Tehran in 1969 and later graduating in film direction from the University of Arts.  His films have been screened at numerous festivals both at home and abroad to great critical acclaim, making him one of the major Iranian documentary makers. In 2010 Oskouei received the Dutch Prince Claus Award for his achievements.
He is a founding member of the Institute of Anthropology and Culture and has sat on several international film festival juries as well as being a cultural ambassador for the United Nation’s humanitarian committee UCHA.
He also teaches at film schools around Iran and is active in the Tehran Arts and Culture Association.
His film ‘The Last Days of Winter’ was released in France in 2013 to both critical and public acclaim.

‘Nose, Iranian Style’ was nominated for the Golden Movie Squad DOC U Award at the International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam in 2005. ‘It’s Always Late for Freedom’ won The Best Mid-Length Documentary Award at Hot Docs in 2007. His films have regularly been shown on TV and at festivals worldwide.

Selected titles
♥  Sunless Shadows │HD│Colour│74min.
  Starless Dreams │HD│Colour│76min.
  The Last Days of Winter│HDV│Colour│52min.
  It’s Always Late for Freedom│DVcam│Colour│52min.
  Nose, Iranian Style│DVcam│Colour│52min.
  I Can’t Remember Anything About Afghanistan│DVcam│Colour│18min.
  My Mother’s Home, Lagoon│DVcam│Colour│29min.

2019: Sunless Shadows │HD│Colour│74min.
2016: Starless Dreams│HD│Colour│76min.
2011: The Last Days of Winter│HDV│Colour│52min.
2009: The Taste of Iran (episode 1&4)│HDV│Colour│52min each.
2007: It’s Always Late for Freedom│DVcam│Colour│52min.
2005: Nose, Iranian Style│DVcam│Colour│52min.
2005: Thin Ray of Light│Dvcam│Colour│26min.
2005: Maryam of Hengam Island│DVcam│Colour│26min.
2004: The Other Side of Burka│DVcam│Colour│52min.
2002: The Widower│DVcam│Colour│18min.
2002: I Can’t Remember Anything About Afghanistan│DVcam│Colour│18min.
2001: Caresser of Light│DVcam│Colour│15min.
2001: Look at Me│DVcam│Colour│15min.
2001: The Eclipse (co-director: Ebrahim Saeedi)│Betacam│Colour│14min.
2000: My Mother’s Home, Lagoon│Betacam│Colour│29min.
1997: The New Year For Tribe│Betacam│Colour│15min.
1996: Saochi (co-director: Reza Yazdani)│Betacam│Colour│15min.

Short Films
1999: You Love Me If…│Betacam│Colour│7min.
1998: Haji Bashi Primary School│35mm│Colour│25min.
1997: The Heaven We Come From│Betacam│Colour│15min.
1996: Border│16mm│Colour│10min.
1993: Information│16mm│Colour and B&W│7min.
1989: In His History│8mm│Colour│10min.
1988: Another Birth│8mm│Colour│10min.