Simple Things

Original title: Ghesseh-haye yek khati
Type: Drawing on paper, 2D computer

Parts 1,2,3 taken from the film series « L’Ecureuil qui voyait tout en vert » released in France on December 2, 2009.

by: Behzad Farahat
Art direction: Alireza Chitaei
Script advisor: Mohammad AminolSharieh
Sound: Mahmoud Mohaghegh
Executive Producer: Mohammad-Reza Karimi-Saremi
Production Manager: Mohammad Tolou
Company: Institute for Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults – Kanoon – Iran
Year: 2009 (parts 1,2,3)
Year: 2010 (parts 4,5,6)
Running Time: Each part 4 min
Total running time: 24 min
Film Gauge: 35mm, Colour
Original version: No dialogue

Six short films allowing us to follow the practical jokes of a small, curious and mischievous squirrel.