By Shiva Sadegh Assadi

Original title – Bacheh Gorbeh
International title – The Kitten
French title – Le Chaton


The world of a little girl whose parents are unresponsive to their daughter’s emotions and dreams, so much are they wrapped up in their own problems. One day the girl finds a cat has given birth to three kittens in the family yard. Observing the cats she leaves the world of men and enters the feline one, her sole desire….. to become a kitten.


Written & Directed by – Shiva Sadegh Assadi
Graphic Designer – Shiva Sadegh Assadi
Story board & Layout – Shiva Sadegh Assadi
Camera – Shiva Sadegh Assadi
Animator – Shiva Sadegh Assadi
Compositing & Editing – Shiva Sadegh Assadi
Original Music – Pejman Khalili
Sound Designer – Changuiz Sayyad

Paint on glass – HD – Stereo

Produced by – Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults – Kanoon

Festival Debut

37th Annecy International Animation Film Festival, 10-15 June 2013, France. ‘Official Competition’ section.