Fatemeh Goudarzi

Born in Tehran in 1974, Fatemeh Goudarzi is a graduate from Painting in Art & Architecture Faculty in Tehran. She has started her activities in KANOON since 1996 and worked as assistant director in some animated films such as « Maryam », « The Longest Journey of the World » and « Rain of Happiness ».
The Farmer & The Cow is her first work as a director.

2012 : The Fox who Followed the Sound,  Drawing on paper , 10min., Colour, 2D computer.
Mahouri, Animation, Drawing on cels, 12min, Colour, 2D computer.
2006: Grandma and the Birds, Animation, Drawing on paper, 12min, Colour.
2003: The Farmer and The Cow, Animation, Paint on glass, 6min, Colour.