By Fatemeh Goudarzi

Original title – Mahouri
International title – Mahouri


A young musician is dissatisfied with the mechanical sound he produces on his Kamancheh.
His one desire is to produce a truly heartfelt music. One day he overhears an old man playing with exactly the sound his heart requires. The young man decides to become the old musician’s apprentice in the hope of sharing the secrets of his muse. But what are these secrets?


Written & Directed by – Fatemeh Goudarzi
Animators – Fatemeh Goudarzi & Noushin Karbalaei & Elaheh Mohammadkhani
Editing – Fatemeh Goudarzi
Original Music – Keyvan Honarmand
Sound Designer – Mehrshad Malakouti

2D Animation – Drawing on cels – 35mm – Mono 

Produced by – Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults – Kanoon