The Wolf and The Ewe

Original title: Gorg-o Mish

by: Mohammad-Ali Soleymanzadeh
Screenplay: Mohammad-Ali Soleymanzadeh & Arjang Norouni
Editing: Saïd Pouresmaïli
Sound: Mahmoud Mohaghegh
Animation: Mohammad-Ali Soleymanzadeh
Music: Mahmoud Mohaghegh
Company: Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young  Adults – KANOON – Iran.
Year: 2010
Running Time: 17min, 40

This film is a visual expression of a work by the twelfth century Persian poet Sadi.
In Persian the first glimmerings of dawn, the hour of the wolf, is known as the hour of the wolf and the ewe. The story revolves around this double meaning and the encounter of a ewe and a wolf in those first moments of the day when night gives way to day. As dawn breaks, the ewe contemplates her freedom in the half-shadows preceding the new day.