Jamshid Mahmoudi

Jamshid Mahmoudi was born on March 29, 1983 in Parvan, Afghanistan. Hardly one-year-old his family sought refuge in Pakistan and then in Iran. He developed his passion for cinema from a very early age. Having obtained his high-school diploma he passed the entrance exam for Tehran’s University of Art but preferred working on projects with his film producer brother, Navid Mahmoudi. He was assistant director before directing his first TV film in 2008.
In 2012, thanks to Navid’s support, he directed his first feature, ‘A few Cubic Metres of Love’, inspired by a true story that took place in Kabul.

Feature Film – In our catalogue
2014: A Few Cubic Meters of Love │ Fiction, 90 min, Colour, Iran/Afghanistan

TV Movies
2011: Kour gereh │ HD, Colour
2010: Ghalb-ha ba khabar az atefeh-and │ HD, Colour
2009: Chahar harfi │ HD, Colour
2008: Mitouneh akharish basheh │ HD, Colour

Short Films
2007: Delet oumad │ HD, 18 min, Colour
2006: Ageh yek rouz zanha │ DV, 23 min, Colour

Making of A Few Cubic Meters of Love - Jamshid Mahmoudi