Safi Yazdanian

Born in Tehran in 1960, Safi Yazdanian graduated in Cinema from the city’s University of Arts in 1988.
He began his career as a reviewer and columnist in numerous well-known Iranian magazines.
In 1995 he ventured into filmmaking with a series of documentaries and in 2005 directed his first short fiction, ‘My Boats’, winning the best film award at the Tehran Short Film Festival.
‘What’s The Time In Your World?’ is his first feature.

Feature Film – In our catalogue
2014: What’s the Time in Your World? │ Fiction, HD, 101 min, Iran.

Short Films
2010: Entracte │ Fiction, DV CAM, 10 min
2005: Mes Bateaux │ Fiction, 35mm, 26 min
2002: A la Recherche de Shahrzad │ Documentary, DV CAM, 52 min
2000: Le Souffle │ Documentary, DV CAM, 25 min
1998: Nasrin │ Documentary, BETA CAM, 27 min
1997: La Page du Relieur │ Documentary, BETA CAM, 30 min
1996: La Fabrication des instruments de musique iraniens │ Documentary, BETA CAM, 30 min
1995: Mille instruments dans la paume de ma main │ Documentary, 16mm, 35 min