Original title: Dar donyaye to sa’at chand ast?
English title: What’s The Time In Your World?
French title: Quelle Heure Est-Il Dans Ton Monde?


* Leila Hatami…………..Goli
* Ali Mosaffa……………Farhad

Written and Directed by: Safi Yazdanian
Director of Photography: Homayoun Payvar
Editing: Fardin Saheb-Zamani
Original Music: Christophe Rezai
Sound Recorder: Jahangir Mirshekari
Sound Mixer: Amir-Hossein Ghassemi
Set and Costume designer: Iraj Raminfar
Make-Up: Afrouz Boujaria
Production Manager: Peyman Jafari

Producer: Ali Mosaffa
Production Company: Road Film

Shooting format:  4K
Screening format: DCP
Sound: Dolby SR
Ratio: 16:9
Original version: Persian
Subtitled in: English
Running Time: 101 min
Year: 2014

Fiction – Colour – 101min – 2014 Iran

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On a sudden whim Goli decides to return to Iran after 20 years of  living in France. She lands in Rasht, her home town, located in the north of the country. Farhad, a frame maker by trade, comes to welcome her. He seems to know her well, but the young woman has absolutely no recollection of him.

In French
Goli décide sur un coup de tête de retourner en Iran après 20 ans de vie en France.
Elle atterrit à Rasht, sa ville natale, située dans le nord du pays.
Farhad, encadreur de profession, vient l’accueillir. Il semble très bien connaitre Goli, mais la jeune femme ne se souvient absolument pas de lui.

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Director’s statement:
I wanted to make a love story slightly different from those we are used to seeing. Farhad, the main character, is a man in love who demands nothing of that love to whom he has devoted all his life and who, like a sort of guardian angel, is content just to follow his beloved Goli’s life from afar.
The film considers what both parties bring to this love equation and reflects on what they gain and what they lose. To what extent can one maintain a sense of belonging when one lives outside one’s homeland and how does a revered image of home correspond to a concrete reality? What is more desirable, a world of one’s imaginings, the world as it is, or a mixture of the two?

In French
J’ai souhaité réaliser un film d’amour un peu différent de ce qu’on est habitué à voir.
Farhad, le personnage principal, est un amoureux qui n’exige rien de cet amour pour lequel il a payé toute sa vie, et comme un ange gardien s’est contenté seulement d’être au courant, même de loin de la vie de sa bien aimée (Goli).
En somme ce film pose les questions suivantes: Quels sont les apports de deux côtés, les résultats obtenus ou les choses perdues. À quel point peut on conserver le concept de Patrie quand on vit en dehors de son pays? Dans quelle mesure l’enthousiasme pour le souvenir d’une image ressemble-t-il à la façon dont on peut la vivre dans la réalité ? Qu’y a t-il de plus attirant: Un univers construit sur la pensée ou bien le monde réel ou bien encore un mélange de ces deux univers?

*-19th Busan International Film Festival, South Korea. October 02-11, 2014, Competitive ‘New Currents’ section
*-16th  Mumbai International Film Festival, India. October 14-21, 2014
*- 38th São Paulo Inetrnational Film Festival, Brazil. October 16-29, 2014, Competitive section ‘New Filmmakers’
*-19th Kerala International Film Festival, India. December 12-19, 2014. ‘World Cinema’ section
*-Freer Gallery of Art in Washington DC, USA. Screening dates: January 23 & 24, 2015. ‘Non Competitive Festival’
*-Boston Festival of Film From Iran, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, USA. Screening dates: January 24 & 25, 2015.
‘Non Competitive Festival’
*-Rice Cinema, Department of Visual and Dramatic Arts, Rice University, Houston, USA. February 07, 2015.
*-Kerala International Film Festival in Nilambur, North Kerala, India. February 20-24, 2015.
*-25th Festival of Films from Iran, Chicago (Gene Siskel Film Center), USA. Screening dates: February 27 & March 01, 2015. ‘Non Competitive Festival’
*-Kerala International Film Festival in Kottayam, Central Kerala, India. March 08-12, 2015.
*-Phi Films-Cinémathèque de Montréal, CANADA. March 09, 2015.
*-20th Vilnius International Film Festival, Lithuania. March 19-April 02, 2015. ‘Discoveries’ section
*-10th International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva, Switzerland. March 20-29, 2015. ‘Competitive section’
*-Iranian Film Series, UCLA Film & Television Archive, Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Screening date: May 06, 2015. ‘Non Competitive Festival’
*-First Iranian Film Festival, Zürich, Switzerland. May 28-June 03, 2015. ‘Non Competitive Festival’
*-2nd Iranian Film Festival Cologne, Germany. May 29-31, 2015. ‘Non Competitive Festival’
*-3ème Festival Cinéma (s) d’Iran, Paris, France. June 19-30 2015. ‘Non Competitive Festival’
*-11th Zurich Film Festival, Switzerland. September 24-October 04, 2015. ‘New World View’
*-5th Iranian Film Festival, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne, Australia. October 09-November 02, 2015.
*-6th London Iranian Film Festival, UK. October 30-November 07, 2015.
*-CineIran Festival of Toronto, Canada. November 27-29, 2015.
*-5th Iranian Film Festival, Prague, Czech Republic.
Prague: January 13-17, 2016 │Brno: January 19-20, 2016 │Bratislava: January 28-30, 2016. ‘Competitive section’
*-21st Rabat International Author Film Festival, Morocco. January 29-February 05, 2016. ‘Competitive section’
*-Kino Achteinhalb, Saarbrücken – Germany. April 1st, 2017.
*-Filmpodium (Arthouse Cinema), attached to the Mayor of Zurich’s Office of Cultural Affairs.
Screening of series of movies about the relationships between Asia and Europe.
Screening dates: Between 1 April and 15 May, 2017
*-15th Eurasia International Film Festival, Nur-Sultan, Republic of Kazakhstan. June 30-July 06, 2019. ‘FIPRECSI choice’ section
*-Cinema ZED, Leuven, Belgium. January 2022. Learn more

* Winner of : *FIPRESCI’s Award* at the 19th Busan International Film Festival, South Korea.
« The jury appreciated the well structured, intense narrative, and the complexity of the story. We discovered more than just simple storytelling but also the creative use of formalistic devices and arrangement of time and space.
We all agreed that there appeared many love stories in film history but it was
great to see this unusual variation presented by remarkable performances ».

* Winner of: *GOLD FIFOG, Best Film* at the 10th International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva, Switzerland.
« Through this award, the jury wanted to override the poetic and complex gaze on Iranian society, relationships and memory. The jury also rewards mastery of the game and the image ».
« A travers ce prix, le jury a voulu primer le regard poétique et complexe posé sur la société iranienne, sur les relations et sur la mémoire. Le jury récompense également la maîtrise du jeu et de l’image« .

*Winner of: *Audience Award* at the 5th Iranian Film Festival, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne, Australia.