Navid Danesh

Born in Oroumieh, Iran, in 1985, Navid DANESH fell in love with cinema at university. After graduating with a degree in English translation in 2006 he began filmmaking at the workshops of well-known directors Abbas KIAROSTAMI and Asghar FARHADI, directing five shorts. His latest short film, “Duet”, was selected for the ‘Cinefondation Selection’ of the 2013 Cannes IFF.

Feature Film
2016: Duet | Fiction, 103 min, 2K , Colour, Iran.

Short Films
2013: Duet | Fiction, 23 min, Full HD, Colour, Iran.
2010: The Wind Carries Me Wherever It Wants… │ Video Art,
5 min, HDV, Colour, Iran.
2009: The Wind Will Carry Me, Even Behind The Window |
Video Art, 7 min, HDV, Colour, Iran.
2008: Circle |  Fiction, 13 min, HDV, Colour,  Iran.
2007: Tree |  Experimental, 8 min, DV, Colour, Iran.