By Amir Naderi

Original title – Entezar
English title – Waiting
French title – L’Attente


A fourteen-year-old boy lives with his aunt and her aging husband in a provincial town in southern Iran.
Every day he’s asked to go to a neighbor’s house to get some ice.
He never sees the face of the girl whose hennaed hand gives him the ice through the doorway. Catching a glimpse of her becomes his life’s aim.


Hassan Heydari
Zohreh Ghahremani
Farzaneh Youssefi
Soheila Ahmadi


Director – Amir Naderi
Original Screenplay – Amir Naderi
Director of Photography – Firouz Malekzadeh
Editing – Kamran Shirdel
Sound Designer – Mohammad Haghighi
Sound Recordist – Ahmad Asgari
Production Designer – Amir Naderi

Production Manager – Houshang Kazemi
Produced by – Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young adults – KANOON

Restored in 2K by Roashana Laboratory

International Sales & Festivals – MK2 FILMS