Amir Naderi

Amir Naderi was born in Iran in 1945 in the Persian Gulf port of Abadan, a city built around the world’s largest oil refinery.
Orphaned at an early age and living the life of a street urchin, Naderi had to survive by selling ice, working as a shoeshine boy and recycling empty beer bottles.
In his early teens, Naderi left Abadan and travelled to Tehran where he managed to obtain work as a still photographer on movie sets – a job that he performed into his early twenties. He loved the cinema and quickly felt that it was where he belonged.
In 1970, Naderi directed his first feature film, ‘Khoda Hafez Rafigh’ (Goodbye Friend), and a year later completed  his second feature, ‘Tangna’.The 1985 feature ‘The Runner’ is considered by many critics to be one of the most influential films of the past quarter century.
Amir Naderi has lived in New York City since 1987 directing various feature films such as : ‘Manhattan By Numbers’ (1993), ‘Manhattan ABC’ (1997), ‘Marathon’ (2002) ‘Vegas’ 2008, ‘CUT’ (2011) and ‘MONTE’ (2016).

Filmography – Kanoon Productions
The Runner / Davandeh │ Fiction – 94 min – 35mm – Colour
1974: Waiting / Entezar │ Fiction – 46 min – 35mm – Colour
1973: Harmonica / Saaz Dahani │ Fiction – 75 min – 35mm – Colour