Bahman Farmanara

Bahman Farmanara was born on January 23, 1942 in Tehran, Iran. He graduated from the University of Southern California with a BA in Cinema in 1966 and went on to direct and produce numerous successful films.


Short Films
1973: Tehran, Old and New │ Documentary, Colour, 28min, 16mm, Iran.
1972: Norooz and Caviar │ Documentary, Colour, 24min, 16mm, Iran.

Feature Films:
2018: Hekayat-e Darya (Tale of The Sea) │ Fiction, HD, Colour, 97min, Iran.
2014: Our Mother Courageous │ Documentary, HD, Colour, 125 min, Iran.
2012: Delam Mikhad  (I Want…) │ Fiction, HD, Colour, 93min, Iran.
2011: The Cancelled Concert │ Documentary, HD, Colour, 120 min, Iran.
2006: Khak-e Ashna  (Earthbound) │ Fiction, 35mm, Colour, 97min, Iran.
2002: Yek Boosseh Koochooloo (A Little Kiss) │ Fiction, 35mm, Colour, 98min, Iran.
2000: Khanei Rouye Ab  (A House Built on Water) │ Fiction, 35mm, Colour, 103min, Iran.
1998: Booye Kafoor, Atre Yas (Smell of Camphor) │ Fragrance of Jasmine, Fiction, 35mm, Colour, 97min, Iran.
1976: Sayehaye bolande baad (Tall Shadows of the Wind) │ Fiction, 35mm, Colour, 101 minutes, Iran.
1973: Shazdeh Ehtedjab (Prince Ehtejab) │ Fiction, 35mm, Black & White, 95min, Iran.

As producer:
The Desert of Tartars: by Valerio Zurlini
The Report: by Abbas Kiarostami
The Crow: By Bahram Beyzai
The Divine One: by Khosrow Haritash
Chess and Wind: by M.R. Aslani
The Night Never Ends: by Parviz Sayyad

In our catalogue
2018: Hekayat-e Darya (Tale of The Sea) │ Fiction, HD, Colour, 97min, Iran.