Bahman Farmanara

Bahman Farmanara was born on January 23, 1942 in Tehran, Iran. He graduated from the University of Southern California with a BA in Cinema in 1966 and went on to direct and produce numerous successful films.

Feature Films
2018: Tale of The Sea / Hekayat-e Darya │ Fiction, HD, Colour, 97 min, Iran.
2014: Our Mother Courageous │ Documentary, HD, Colour, 125 min, Iran.
2012: I Want… / Delam Mikhad  │ Fiction, HD, Colour, 93 min, Iran.
2011: The Cancelled Concert │ Documentary, HD, Colour, 120 min, Iran.
2006: Earthbound / Khak-e Ashna │ Fiction, 35mm, Colour, 97 min, Iran.
2002: A Little Kiss / Yek Boosseh Koochooloo │ Fiction, 35mm, Colour, 98 min, Iran.
2000: A House Built on Water / Khanei Rouye Aab │ Fiction, 35mm, Colour, 103 min, Iran.
1998: Smell of Camphor, Fragrance of Jasmine / Booye Kafoor, Atre Yas │ Fiction, 35mm, Colour, 97 min, Iran.
1976: Tall Shadows of the Wind / Sayehaye Bolande Baad │ Fiction, 35mm, Colour, 101 minutes, Iran.
1973: Prince Ehtejab / Shazdeh Ehtedjab │ Fiction, 35mm, Black & White, 95 min, Iran.

Short Films
1973: Tehran, Old and New │ Documentary, Colour, 28 min, 16mm, Iran.
1972: Norooz and Caviar │ Documentary, Colour, 24 min, 16mm, Iran.

As producer
The Desert of Tartars by Valerio Zurlini
The Report by Abbas Kiarostami
The Crow by Bahram Beyzai
The Divine One by Khosrow Haritash
Chess and Wind by M.R. Aslani
The Night Never Ends by Parviz Sayyad