Ali Ahmadzadeh

Ali Ahmadzadeh was born in Tehran in 1986.
Despite being qualified in architecture, his interest in music led him to graduate from the Neinava Music University.
He is also a graduate in film direction from the Young Cinema Society.

Feature Film – In our catalogue
2015: ATOMIC HEART / Madar-e Ghalb Atomi │ Fiction, 93 min, HD, Colour, Iran

Short Films
2012: Zanjan │ Fiction, 40 min, HD, Colour, Iran
2011: Collage │ Fiction, 20 min, HD, Colour, Iran
2009: Advantage │ Fiction, 23 min, HDV, Colour, Iran
2007: Achmaz – Pinned │ Fiction, 11 min, DV, Colour, Iran