Ali Karim

Producer, actor, scriptwriter and director ALI KARIM was born in Tehran on October 10th 1977.
He was a theatre actor before appearing in films, notably in features such as ‘Sag Koshi’ /2001 (Bahram Beyzaï) and ‘Mossafer-e Rey’ / 2001 (Davoud Mirbagheri).
He then served as assistant director on various films, working especially with Dariush Mehrjuï on ‘Mum’s Guest’ (Mehman-e Maman).
In 2008 he took part in Abbas Kiarostami’s directors’ workshop during which time he made his first short, ‘Yellow, Blue, Red’. He then worked as Kiarostami’s assistant on ‘Shirin’ before completing a second short, ‘The Lift’.
His two shorts have been successful in numerous international film festivals.
On the back of his success ‘Ali Karim’ finally directed his first feature, ‘Pothole’ in 2009. The film closed the Critics’ Week at the Venice Mostra the very same year.
‘I Hate The Dawn’ is his second feature.

Feature Films – In our catalogue
2013: I Hate The Dawn │ Fiction, 110min, SI 2K, Colour, Iran

Short Films
2008: The Elevator │Fiction, 10min, HDV, Colour,  Iran
2006: Yellow…Blue…Red │Fiction, 6 min, HDV, Colour, Iran