Two solutions for one problem

By Abbas Kiarostami

Original title – Do rah-e hal baraye yek massaleh
International title – Two solutions for one problem
French title – Deux solutions pour un problème


Two young boys are classmates. When Nader returns his friend’s notebook, the cover of which he has inadvertently torn, the other is faced with two solutions: either he takes revenge or the two boys look for a solution together, glue for example, and thus remain good friends.


Saïd Alamdari
Hamid Alamdari


Written & Directed by – Abbas Kiarostami
Director of Photography – Morteza Rastegar
Editing – Abbas Kiarostami
Sound Designer – Changuiz Sayyad

Produced by – Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults – Kanoon

International Sales & Festivals – MK2 FILMS