So can I

By Abbas Kiarostami

Original title – Man ham mitounam
International title – SO CAN I
French title – Moi aussi je peux


Two young boys are watching a cartoon about animals. With each scene, one of the boys keeps saying ‘I can do that’ and mimes the cartoon animals, until a scene in which a bird is seen flying.
Silence reigns…


Kamal & Ahmad


Written & Directed by – Abbas Kiarostami
Directors of Photography – Mostafa Hadji & Mohammad Feydjani
Original Music – Nasser Chechmazar
Sound Designers & Mix – Harayer & Haghighi
Animation – Nafisseh Riahi & Farzaneh Taghavi

Produced by – Institute for Intellectual Development of
Children & Young Adults – Kanoon

International Sales & Festivals – MK2 FILMS