First Graders

By Abbas Kiarostami

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Original title – Avaliha
International title – FIRST GRADERS
French title – Les élèves du cours préparatoire


An Iranian elementary school in the mid-80s. Whenever a conflict breaks out, the students involved are sent to the principal, who questions them in order to bring each around to a recognition of his share of the responsibility. We thus follow the procession of students who have been caught being disruptive, fighting or calling one another names. The same ritual (questions, confessions, repentance) is repeated with another highly ritualized moment: The fifteen minutes of morning gymnastics. 


Teachers, employees and students of Tohid school


Written & Directed by – Abbas Kiarostami
Director of Photography – Homayoun Payvar
Editing – Abbas Kiarostami
Sound Designer – Changuiz Sayyad

Produced by – Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults – Kanoon

International Sales & Festivals – MK2 FILMS