Where is the Friend’s House?

By Abbas Kiarostami

Original title – Khaneye doust Kodjast?
International title – Where is the Friend’s House?
French title –
Où est la maison de mon ami?


At the village school in Koker, Nematzadeh keeps forgetting to do his homework in the right notebook. The next time he forgets, the teacher warns, he’ll be expelled!
Well, that evening, his friend Ahmad inadvertently goes home with Nematzadeh’s notebook.
Ahmad thus sets out in search of this friend’s house, in a neighbouring town to return it…


Babak Ahmadpour
Ahmad Ahmadpour
Khodabakhsh Defai


Written & Directed by – Abbas Kiarostami
Director of photography – Farhad Saba
Editing – Abbas Kiarostami
Original Music – Aminollah Hossein
Sound Designer & Mixer – Changuiz Sayyad
Sound Recordist – Jahangir Mirshekari & Asghar Shahverdi & Behrouz Moavenian
Set Designer – Reza Nami
First Assistant Director – Kiumars Pourahmad

Producer – Alireza Zarrin
Produced by – Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults – Kanoon

International Sales & Festivals – MK2 FILMS