By Majid Barzegar

Original title – PARVIZ
International title – PARVIZ


Despite his 50 years Parviz still lives off his father and the two men don’t get on very well. Things come to a head when the father tells his son he has decided to remarry. Parviz has no other choice but surrender his place to his step-mother and leave home. Parviz finds it difficult to get used to this new solitary life far from his neighborhood and the people he knows. He thus concocts a novel way of fighting back against the injustice done to him.


Levon Haftvan
Homeira Nonahali
Mahmoud Behrouzian 


Directed by – Majid Barzegar
Screenplay – Hamed Rajabi & Bardia Yadegari & Majid Barzegar
Director of Photography – Amin Jafari
Editing – Javad Emami
Sound Designer – Mehran Malakouti
Sound Recordist – Mehran Malakouti
Set & Costume Designer – Leila Naghdi Pari
Make-Up Artist – Elham Salehi

Executive Manager – Mehdi Barzegar
Producer – Saeed Armand

PARVIZ │ Film Review
60th San Sebastian Film Festival – Spain – 2012
It is a privilege to watch a movie without the current Iranian political and social context of the country as a backdrop. ‘Parviz’, with its very particular hero, is a bitter, black comedy thriller with an original, caustic script. It should be noted, however, that this is a film with a slow tempo, whose soundtrack is the tortured breathing of its protagonist, Levon Haftvan. This, nevertheless, creates a strong empathy with the viewer. ‘Parviz’ shows us that we must be very ready to live our lives despite looming failure.

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Awards & Festivals

  • Winner of: ‘Jury’s Special Mention Award’ – 60th San Sebastian IFF, Spain, 2012. ‘for its compelling and harmonious storytelling, featuring an atypical and constantly surprising anti-hero’.
  • Winner of: ‘NETPAC Award’ – 13th Asiaticafilmmediale, Rome, Italy, 2012.
  • Winner of: ‘Silver Apricot Prize’ – GOLDEN APRICOT Yerevan International Film Festival, Armenia, 2013.
  • Winner of: 1) ‘Sepanta Award – Best Film’
  • Winner of: 2) ‘Sepanta Award – Best Director’
  • Winner of: 3) ‘Sepanta Award – Best Screenplay’
  •  Winner of: 4) ‘Best Performance by an Actor – Levon Haftvan’
  • Winner of: 5) ‘Best Cinematography – Amin Jafari – 6th Iranian Film Festival San Francisco, USA, 2013.
  • Winner of: ‘Suvarna Chakoram/Golden Crow Pheasant – Best Film’ – 18th Kerala International Film Festival, India, 2013.
  • Winner of: ‘Special Mention Award’ by the 7th edition of the Iranian Society of Film Writers and Reviewers.
  • Winner of: ‘Best Performance by an Actor – Levon Haftvan’ – 13th Dhaka International Film Festival, Bangladesh, 2014.
  • Winner of: ‘Special Mention Award’ by Film Writers and Reviewers Jury at the 9th International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva, Switzerland, 2014.
    ‘With this prize we wanted to reward the subtle portrait, highlighted by eloquent silences, of a man adhering to social norms. The director skilfully underlines the intolerance of an apparently harmonious community’.
  • Winner of: ‘Jury’s Special Mention Award’ – 13th Imagineindia International Film Festival Madrid, Spain, 2014.
  • 60th San Sebastian International Film Festival, Spain. September 21-29, 2012. ‘Competitive Section-New Directors’.
  • 13th Asiatica Film Mediale, Roma, Italia. October 05-13, 2012. ‘Competitive’ Section.
  • 36th São Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil. October 19-November 01, 2012. New Filmmakers’ – ‘Competitive’ section.
  • 53rd Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece. November 02-11, 2012. ‘Open Horisons’ section.
  • 5th Bangalore International Film Festival (BIFFES), India. December 20-27, 2012. ‘NETPAC Award winning Films’ section.
  • 42nd International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands. January 23-February 03, 2013. ‘Signals:Inside Iran’ section.
  • 36th Göteborg International Film Festival, Sweden. January 25-February 04, 2013, ‘Inside Iran’ section.
  • Focus on Freedom of Expression in the Arts. Oslo, Norway. February 28-March 03, 2013.
  • Middle East Now Film Festival, Firenze, Italy. April 03- 08, 2013. ‘Non-Competitive Festival’.
  • 16th Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF), China. June 15-23, 2013. ‘Non-Competitive’ section.
  • 1er Festival Cinéma(s) d’Iran , Paris, France. June 26-July 02, 2013. ‘Non-Competitive Festival’.
  • GOLDEN APRICOT Yerevan International Film Festival, Armenia. July 07-14, 2013. ‘Competitive’ section.
  • Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival, Fukuoka, Japan. September 14-23, 2013. ‘Non-Competitive Festival’.
  • 15th annual Iranian Film Festival in Emory University, Atlanta, USA. September 06-21, 2013. ‘Non-Competitive Festival’.
  • 6th Iranian Film Festival San Francisco, USA. September 28, 29, 2013. ‘Competitive’ section.
  • 3rd Iranian Film Festival, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne/Australia. October-November, 2013.
    ‘Non-Competitive Festival’.
  • Diaspora International Film Festival, Toronto, Canada. November 01-05, 2013. ‘Non-Competitive Festival’.
  • 17th Tallinn Black Nights International Film Festival, Estonia. November 15-December 01, 2013. ‘Non-Competitive’ section.
  • JOGJA-NETPAC Asian Film Festival, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. December 02-07, 2013. ‘Competitive’ section.
  • 18th Kerala International Film Festival, India. December 06-13, 2013. ‘Competitive’ section.
  • 11th Chennai International Film Festival, India. December 12-19, 2013. ‘Non-Competitive Festival’.
  • 3rd Prague, Iranian Film Festival, Czech Republic. January 08-12, 2014. ‘Competitive’ section.
  • 13th Dhaka International Film Festival, Bangladesh. January 10-18, 2014. ‘Competitive’ section.
  • Boston Festival of Film From Iran, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, USA. January 17-26, 2014. ‘Non-Competitive Festival’.
  • 18th Iranian Film Festival, Freer Gallery of Art, Washington DC, USA. January 05-February 22, 2014. ‘Non-Competitive Festival’.
  • 24th Festival of Films from Iran, Chicago, Gene Siskel Film Center, USA. February 2014. ‘Non-Competitive Festival’.
  • 9th International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva, Switzerland. April 04-13, 2014 “Competitive-Press’ section.
  • Annual Celebration of Iranian Cinema, UCLA Film & Television Archive, Los Angeles, CA, USA. April 24-May 14, 2014. ‘Non-Competitive Festival’.
  • 13th Imagineindia International Film Festival Madrid, Spain. May 17-31, 2014. ‘Competitive’ section.
  • 1st Iranian Film Festival, Koln, Germany. May 29-June 01, 2014. ‘Non-Competitive Festival’.
  • Sine Mardin International Film Festival, Mardin, Turkey. May 30-June 06, 2014. ‘Non-Competitive’ section.
  • Revelation Perth International Film Festival, Australia. July 03-13, 2014. ‘Non-Competitive Festival’.
  • Edinburgh Iranian Film Festival, UK. February 2015. ‘Non-Competitive Festival’.
  • Persische Kulturwoche München, Germany. January 27-February 04, 2017. Iranian Film Screening dates: Januvary 29 & 30, 2017.