Rain of Happiness

By Nahid Shamsdoust

Original title – Baran-e Shadi
International title – Rain of Happiness
French title – Pluie d’Allégresse


Exhausted by a long journey, an elephant falls asleep on a flower bed.
Annoyed to see the flowers crushed by the huge beast, the bees try to wake him up.


Based on a story by – Hamid Grogan
Directed by – Nahid Shamsdoust
Screenplay – Hormoz Nazempour
Director of Photography – Mohammad-Rahim Bakhtiari
Editing & Sound Designer – Changuiz Sayyad
Original Music – Iraj Panahi

Drawing on cels – 35mm

Produced by – Institute for Intellectual Development of
Children & Young Adults, Kanoon

Distribution – A short taken from the film series « L’Ecureuil qui voyait tout en vert » released in France on December 2, 2009 by « Les Films du Whippet »