The Man and the Cloud

By Parviz Naderi


Original title – Mard va Abr
International title – The Man and the Cloud
French title – L’homme et le nuage

A cloud follows the man as unceasingly as his shadow. The constant presence of the cloud becomes unbearable and the man is obsessed by the thought of getting fid of it. The only solution is to…


Written & Directed by – Parviz Naderi
Director of Photography – Mehdi Samakar
Sound Designers – Harayer Atashkar & Changuiz Sayyad

Drawing on cels – 35mm

Produced by – Institute for Intellectual Development of
Children & Young Adults – Kanoon

Distribution – A short taken from the series « Contes Persans 2 » released in DVD in France by « Les Films du Paradoxe »