Rainbow Fish

By Farkhondeh Torabi

Original title – Mahiye ranguin kaman
International title – Rainbow Fish
French title – Le poisson arc-en-ciel


The pride and selfishness of a beautiful fish separates her from her fellow fish. Her isolation leads her to confront unforeseen dangers until one day.


Directed by – Farkhondeh Torabi
Script Grafics & Storyboard – Farkhondeh Torabi
Animator – Farkhondeh Torabi
Director of Photography & Background – Farkhondeh Torabi
Editing – Mohammad Haghighi
Original Music – Mehrdad Jenabi

Cut-out Animation – 35mm

Produced by – Institute for Intellectual Development of
Children & Young Adults – Kanoon 

Distribution – A short taken from the film series « Les contes de la mère poule » released in France in October 2001 by
« Les Films du Préau »