Seifollah Samadian

Seifollah Samadian

Seifollah Samadian was born in Iran in 1954, starting his photographic career in 1968 and his documentary film making in 1978.
He has been both publisher and editor-in–chief of TASSVIR (Image) Magazine since 1991 and founded Tassvir Film Festival & Tassvir Film Center in 2003.
Samadian has worked in close collaboration with Abbas Kiarostami as the cameraman of ‘A.B.C Africa’, ‘Five’ and ‘Roads of Kiarostami’.
His documentary, ’76 minutes & 15 Seconds with Abbas Kisrostami’ (2016), has been selected and screened at the Venice Film Festival and at over hundred festivals and cultural centers.

Feature Films
2023: Kiarostami at Work │Documentary, 76min
2016: 76 minutes & 15 Seconds with Abbas Kiarostami │Documentary, 76min
2006: Once Upon a Time in Marrakech │Documentary, 60min

As Cameraman
2005: ‘Roads’ directed by Abbas Kiarostami │Documentary, 32min
2003: ‘Five’ directed by Abbas Kiarostami │Documentary, 74min
2001: ‘ABC Africa’ directed by Abbas Kiarostami │Documentary, 84min

Selected Short Films
(Director, Cameraman & Editor) including
2012: 5 Short Stories │Documentary, 20min
2005: The Day You Were Not There │Documentary, 9min
2004: Bam, The 3rd Day, The 10th Day│Documentary, 16min
2003: The Art of Killing │Documentary, 9min
1999: The White Station │Documentary, 9min
1999: Tehran, The 25th Hour │Documentary, 20min

© Photo by Romin Mohtasham