Simple Things/6

By Behzad Farahat

Original title – Ghesseh-haye yek khati/6
International title – Simple Things/6
French title – Contes qui tiennent sur une ligne/6


One of six short films allowing us to follow the practical jokes of a small, curious and mischievous squirrel.


Director – Behzad Farahat
Written by – Behzad Farahat & Mohammad Aminosharieh
Graphic Designer & Animation – Behzad Farahat
Art consultant – Alireza Chitaei
Sound Designer – Mahmoud Mohaghegh
Compositing – Roghieh Tahssildar

Drawing on paper – 2D Animation – HD – Mono

Executive Producer – Mohammad-Reza Karimi-Saremi
Production Manager – Mohammad Tolou
Produced by – Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults – Kanoon