By Ahmad Arabani

Original title – Ganj
International title – Treasure
French title – Le Trésor


The calm of a simple peasant family is shattered after they find a jar full of treasure in their farm….


Director – Ahmad Arabani
Writer – Ahmad Arabani (Based on a story by Ali Khakbazan)
Director of photography – Vajiollah Fard Moghadam
Animators – Ali Asgharzadeh & Mohammad  Feyzabadi
Editing – Changuiz Sayyad
Original Music – Fariborz Lachini
Sound Designer – Changuiz Sayyad

Drawing on cels – 35mm 

Production Manager – Mohammad Tolou
Produced by – Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Youg Adults – Kanoon

Distribution – A short taken from the film series « Vent de Folie à la Ferme / Mad Moments on the Farm » released in France on April 6, 2011 by « Les Films du Whippet »