The Mountain of Jewels

Original Title: Kouh-e Javaher
English title: The Mountain of Jewels
French title: La montagne aux bijoux
Type: Animation

A short taken from the film series « La montagne aux bijoux… » released in France on January 25, 2006 by « Les Films du Whippet »

by: Abdollah Alimorad
Screenplay: Abdollah Alimorad & Vajiollah Fard Moghadam
Director of Photography: Mohammad Rahim Bakhtiari
Editing: Changuiz Sayyad
Sound Mixer: Changuiz Sayyad
Original Music: Fariborz Lachini
Designer and Puppet Maker: Farzaneh Babaee
Year: 1994
Running Time: 27 min
Film Gauge: 35mm, Colour
Original Version: No dialogue

Production Company: Institute for Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults, Kanoon, Iran

Among the long passage way and winding road of Bazar, there is a charcoalsellery with a boy working there. A Little further a splendid place located, which draws the shopboy’s attention. The location belongs to a jeweller, who also has a boy working for him.
Every day as the shopboy passes by the jeweller’s place, he envies the other boy, who is wearing nice clothes and earning a good income. Until one day…….