The Young Man and the Cunning Tailor

By Rashin Kheiriyeh

Original Title – Mard-e javan va khayat-e hilegar
International title – The Young Man and the Cunning Tailor
French title – Le jeune homme et le tailleur roublard


Based on one of the stories of the great Persian 13th-century, poet, jurist, theologian, and Sufi-mystic philosopher “Maulana Jalaleddin Roumi”.
A young man enters a town and is informed that a crooked tailor lives there. Overconfident, he sets off to prove that the tailor’s wiles have met their match.


Written & Directed by – Rashin Kheyrieh
Animator – Iraj Khosronia
Lay-out & Graphic Designer – Rashin Kheyrieh
Editing – Iraj Khosronia & Hadi Yaghinlou
Original Music – Fardin Khalatbari
Sound Designer – Changuiz Sayad

Cut-out – 2D Animation – 35mm

Executive Producer – Mohammad-Reza Karimi Saremi
Production Manager – Mohammad Tolou
Produced by – Institute for Intellectual Development of
Children & Young Adults – Kanoon