Rashin Kheiriyeh

Rashin Kheiriyeh, artist and illustrator, was born in Khoramshar, Iran in 1979 and graduated
with a Master’s Degree from the University of Al-Zahara , Tehran in 2008.
She has been awarded numerous and varied international prizes ranging from
the United States, Italy, Japan and Korea and is a member of both the French and Iranian
Institutes of Illustrators.
Though having previously worked on animated shorts and other productions,
« The Young Man and the Cunning Tailor » is her first animated film as director.

The Young Man and the Cunning Tailorher: Animation, Cut out, 2D, Colour, 9min, 2009.

* Winner of « Silver Elephant » for best short animated film at 16th Heydar Abad
International Film Festival, India, 2009 .