The Trees Thief

Original Title: Dozd-e Derakht-ha
English Title: The Trees Thief
French title: Le Voleur d’Arbres
Type: Animation, Cut-Out, 2D computer

A short taken from the film series « Lili POM et le Voleur d’Arbres » released in France on April 8, 2015 by  « Les Films du Whippet »

Written & Directed by: Rashin Kheyrieh
Graphics & Layout: Rashin Kheyrieh
Animators: Amin Haghshenass, Rashin Kheyrieh, Hossein Hassanshahi
Sound: Changiz Sayyad
Editing: Amin Haghshenass, Rashin Kheyrieh, Mohammad Nasseri

Shooting Format: Full HD
Screening Format: Full HD
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Original Version: No dialogue
Sound: Stereo
Technic: Cut-Out, 2D computer
Running Time: 10min
Year of Production: 2014

Production Company: Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults- Kanoon- Iran

A man living in a carpenter’s workshop one day decides to build a house for himself when walking through the jungle. He cuts the jungle trees without realising he is destroying both it and the jungle birds’ habitat. When neither trees nor birds remain he has a nightmare about stolen trees; police officers arrest him and put him in a jail. On awaking a massive storm suddenly submerges everything he has built. The man is so regretful about what he has done that he decides to repair the jungle, make it as beautiful as it used to be and bring back the birds. But how will he do it?