Winners BAFTA 2023 Best Feature Film

WINNERS awarded BAFTA Scotland Best Feature Film 2023

The recipients of the BAFTA Scotland Awards in the Best Film category were acknowledged on stage.
The Director Hassan Nazer, accompanied by the film’s producers, Mrs. Nadira Murray and Mr. Paul Welsh, graciously accepted the award for Best Film of 2023.
In his acceptance speech, Hassan Nazer conveyed his sincere appreciation, thanking Scotland for providing him with this remarkable platform. He admitted that standing on such a stage had always seemed an impossible dream for someone from outside the region, but Scotland had proven that anything is achievable. He also expressed gratitude to the dedicated Iranian professional team that had worked tirelessly in Iran to bring the film to life.
In addition, Hassan extended his thanks to both his producers and Screen Scotland for having financed the project. He underlined the invaluable opportunity they had provided him to fuse his native Iranian culture with a Caledonian one, gained while residing in Scotland. This unique blend of cultural outlooks enabled him to give ‘Winners’ an original perspective, creating, at once, a distinctive and enriching cinematic vision

We are extremely proud of ‘Winners’ success and send our congratulations to Hassan Nazer, Mrs. Nadira Murray, Mr. Paul Welsh and to all those involved in the film’s production.

BAFTA Scotland Awards – November 19, 2023