Abdollah Alimorad

Abdollah Alimorad was born in Tehran on the 22nd November 1947. From that moment on he was always attracted to painting and manual work. After passing his baccalauréat he enrolled at the Brussels Academy of Fine Arts, which he unfortunately had to leave through lack of funds. Back in Tehran he enrolled at the Kanoon School of Animation (founded by Nourredin Zarrinkelk). Having received his diploma, he started work at Kanoon where he has various responsibilities on numerous projects. It is at Kanoon that he has produced his body of work.

2007 : Once a crow │
35mm, Colour, 20min
2003 : The white-winged │
35mm, Colour, 13min45
2001 : Bahador │
35mm, Colour, 27min
1997 : One is not enough │
35mm, Colour, 27min
1995 : Travelling to the Puppet’s World │
35mm, Colour, 20min
1995 : The Parrot and the Grocer │
35mm, Colour, 30min
1994 : The Mountain of Jewels │
35mm, Colour, 27min
1992 :  Experience and Technic │
16mm, Colour, 15min
1990 : The Role Key │
35mm, Colour, 6min
1987 : The Kids in the Museum │
35mm, Colour, 10min