Atomic Heart

Original title: Madar-e Ghalb Atomi
International title: ATOMIC HEART
Type: Fiction ‘Second Feature’


* Taraneh Alidoosti……………..ARINEH
* Pegah Ahangarani……………..NOBAHAR
* Mehrdad Sedighiyan………….KAMI
* Mohammad Reza Golzar

Director: Ali Ahmadzadeh
Screenplay: Ali Ahmadzadeh & Mani Baghbani
Director of Photography: Ashkan Ashkani
Gaffer: Morteza Najafi
Editing: Ali Ahmadzadeh & Ehsan Vaseghi
Music: Sahand Mehdizadeh
Sound Recorder: Amin Mirshekari
Sound Mixer: Hossein Abolsedgh
Set & Costume designer: Melody Esmaeeli
Make-Up Artist: Saeed Malekan
Visual Effects: Ali Tasdighy
Color Grading: Saman Majd Vafaei
Vocals: Taraneh Alidoosti; Pegah Ahangarani
Cello: Pegah Ahangarani
Stills photographer: Satyar Emami

First Assistant Director: Alireza Shams Sharifi
Production Manager: Mohammad Seyedzadeh

Producer: Amir Seyedzadeh
Production Company: Afrand Film

Shooting format: 4K Full HD
Screening format: DCP
Sound: 5.1
Ratio: 16:9
Original version: Persian
Subtitled in: English
Running Time: 93
Year: 2015

FictionColour93 min2015Iran

On the way home from a well-oiled party, Arineh and Nobahar stupidly crash their car.
A strange sort of guy offers to pay the incurred expenses and refuses to be reimbursed. Instead he asks the two girls to follow him into the unknown.
Very quickly, whilst travelling through a nighttime Tehran full of mysteries and surprises, Arineh and Nobahar discover a parallel world of the unexpected, the existence of which they had never imagined.

In French
Après une fête bien arrosée et sur le chemin du retour, Arineh et Nobahar sont victimes d’un accident de voiture stupide.
Sur les lieux de la collision, elles font la connaissance d’un étrange personnage qui leur propose de payer leur caution et refuse d’être remboursé.
En guise de remerciements, il demande aux deux jeunes filles de le suivre dans l’inconnu.
Bientôt, et à travers une traversée nocturne à Téhéran, riche en surprise et en rebondissement, Arineh et Nobahar découvriront un monde parallèle et insolite dont elles sont à mille lieux d’imaginer l’existence.

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Director’s statement:
The no man’s land between dream and reality has forever fascinated me and I’ve always been attracted to those that oscillate within it.
The dividing line between the two is but a hair’s breadth and we thus often confuse them.
Should, one evening, a dictator cross your path, you will rapidly realise that he lives on a completely different planet to you.
The problem is that the opposite is also true and that you have no place in his cosmology.
And if we push the logic a little further you will find that the most notorious dictators in the history of humanity have always confused dream and reality.
And that confusion has often led to the destruction of the real world.

In French
Le lien entre le réel et le rêve me préoccupe depuis longtemps. Je me suis toujours senti concerné par les personnages qui oscillent entre la réalité et le rêve et qui sont pris de vertige.
La frontière qui sépare ces deux choses est très mince, elle fait à peine l’épaisseur d’un cheveu. Du coup, on les confond souvent.
Si vous croisez un soir sur votre chemin un dictateur, vous allez rapidement vous apercevoir qu’il ne vit absolument pas dans le même monde que vous.
Le souci, c’est que l’inverse est vrai aussi, et que vous non plus, vous ne vivez pas dans son monde.
Et si on pousse le raisonnement un peu plus loin, vous verrez que les plus grands dictateurs de l’histoire de l’humanité ont toujours confondu le rêve et la réalité.
Et cette confusion aboutit souvent à la destruction du monde réel.

*-65th Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlinale-Forum, Germany. February 05-15, 2015.
*-39th Hong Kong International Film Festival, 2015. « Global Vision » section. March 23-April 06, 2015.
*-17th BAFICI/Buenos Aires Festival Internacional De Cine Independiente, Argentina. April 15-25, 2015. « International Competition » section
*-2nd Iranian Film Festival Cologne, Germany. May 29-31, 2015. « Non Competitive Festival »
*-21st Los Angeles Film Festival-Film Independent, USA. June 10-18, 2015. « World Fiction Competition »
*-6th Odessa International Film Festival, Ukraine. July 10-18, 2015. « International Competition » section
*-11th Zurich Film Festival, Switzerland. September 24-October 04, 2015. « New World View »
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*-16th San Diego Asian Film Festival, CA, USA. November 5-14, 2015. « Discoveries » section
*-8th Austin Asian American Film Festival, Austin, TX, USA. November 12-15, 2015. « Competition » section
*-5th Festival International de Cinéma La Orquídea, Cuenca, Ecuador. November 14-20, 2015. « Competition Section »
*-2nd Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival, Australia. November 19-29, 2015. « A Matter of Form » section.
*-27th Palm Springs International Film Festival, USA. January 01-11, 2016. « World Cinema Now » section.
« A genuine surprises through the sort of films we are unaccustomed to seeing in general, let alone Iran. The first is Ali Ahmadzadeh’s peculiar « Atomic Heart, » a film which begins with a duo of ambling, well-to-do young women as they return from a party. Inevitably, Richard Linklater’s « Before » trilogy and « Certified Copy » spring to mind-only for Ahmadzadeh to take a sharp turn into philosophical sci-fi around the midway point, complete with multiple realities and Saddam Hussein »
James Berclaz-Lewis, Indiewire

*-Boston Festival of Film From Iran, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, USA. « Non Competitive Festival » Screening dates: January 28 & 29, 2016.
*-Edinburgh Iranian Film Festival, Scotland, UK. February 19-21, 2016. Venue: Filmhouse Cinema, « Non Competitive Festival »
*-Iranian Film Festival, Freer Gallery of Art in Washington DC, USA. From January 02 – February 28, 2016.
Screening date: February 28, 2016 at American Film Institute (AFI), Silver Theatre, Washington DC. « Non Competitive Festival »
« You’ve never seen an Iranian movie like this,” wrote Bob Strauss in the Los Angeles Daily News, “nor probably any movie quite like it, either.” In this surreal Tehran nocturne, two drunk party girls get into a car accident and receive help from a mysterious stranger (played by Mohammad Reza Golzar, an unnervingly dead ringer for George Clooney). He pays off the other driver and enlists the girls in an errand involving a supposedly dead dictator, whose weapons of mass destruction are hidden in another dimension.
With its apocalyptic and supernatural overtones—and surprising pop culture references ranging from an obscure Pink Floyd album to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”—Ali Ahmadzadeh’s film paints a picture of contemporary Iran like no other. »
Bob Strauss in the Los Angeles Daily News.

*-11th Osaka Asian Film Festival, Japan. March 4 -13, 2016. « Special Screening » section.
*-Movies that Matter Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands. March 18-26, 2016. « Non Competitive » section
*-Center For Asian American Media (CAAM) San Francisco , USA. March 10-20, 2016. « Non Competitive Festival »
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