Ali Hazrati

Ali Hazrati was born in Tehran, Iran on October 1st, 1990.
He began his artistic career as a theatrical producer, going on to produce a short and four feature films.
He produced the feature film ‘Profiles / Nimrokh-ha’ in 2017, winning the ‘Crystal Simorgh’ for Best Film at the Fajr Film festival.
He also works as a director and writer, directing 3 short films before making his first feature film, ‘Tuneless Instruments’ in 2020.
In 2022, he wrote and directed his second feature, ‘The Town/Shahrak’.

Feature Films
2022: The Town – Shahrak │ Fiction, 1O6 min, 4k, Colour, Iran
2020: Tuneless Instruments – Saazhaye Naakook │ Fiction, 96 min, 4k, Colour, Iran

Short Films
2019: The day I got lost │ Fiction, 8 min, 2k, Colour, Iran
2019: Rainy day │ Fiction, 7 min, 2k, Colour, Iran
2018: Watchmaker │ Fiction, 15 min, 2k, Colour, Iran 

As producer
2019: Orduckly │ directed by Behrouz Gharibpour
2018: One canary, One crow │ directed by Asghar Abdollahi
2017: Profiles – Nim Rokh-ha │ directed by Iraj Karimi
2016: Long Goodbye – Khodahafeziye Toulani │ directed by Farzad Motamen