Naghmeh Shirkhan

Born in Iran in 1972, Naghmeh Shirkhan moved to America with her family a year before the Islamic Revolution. Her father returned to Tehran in the hopes of resuming his career while the rapidly ensuing Iran-Iraq war prompted her young mother to remain in America indefinitely. The immigrant experience of separation, displacement, and the struggles of starting anew are major themes in Naghmeh’s work. In 2010 her first arthouse feature, The Neighbor (Hamsayeh), hit the festival circuit to wide critical acclaim. Soon after, she began working on her second feature, Maki. 

Boston University; Bachelor of Science in Broadcasting and Film 1994

Feature Films
2018: Maki │ Fiction │ 90 min │  HD │  Colour │ Japan/USA
2010: The Neighbor/Hamsayeh │ Fiction │ 108 min │ HD │ Colour │ USA/Canada